Ur S'plyyyynne (yourspleen) wrote,
Ur S'plyyyynne


So yeah, I am back online now. Sorry for that little gulf, things around here were busy, but now that I am on a wireless router, you can all HAXXORZ ME. Cry.

Not surprisingly, there's a little bit to say, but I'll get back to it another day. In between the birthday and Christmas is always pretty packed.

Oh, briefly, I put myself on Facebook awhile back and didn't really do anything with it. So now I'm starting to pay mild attention to it, so if you're my friend, I'm simply Pete Overton on it If you don't add me, I will probably cry and hang myself, so you better. See my LJ Profile if you forgot what happens when you leave me. WE MUST BE TOGETHER FOREVER.

As always, a pleasure to be back online.
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